"The best European low-budget PSX game of 1996" —The Virtual Herald

What would have happened if a team on a budget in 1996 cranked out a PSX title without artists but with marketing demanding the inclusion of the word "extreme"?

Snowman Builder Extreme

A game with the premise that the best way to make a snowman is to kick it down a slope littered with snowman adornments and let fate handle the rest.
You can help fate a bit by pressing the left and right arrow keys, but it moves forward by itself.

There are 16 titles to be gained by picking up certain numbers of certain adornments and/or being really fast. Be sure to collect 'em all!


  • A WebGL browser game confirmed to work on a great many number of modern browsers, except for IE (Edge works fine though)
  • Simple controls: just use the left and right arrow keys to (try and) steer the snowball down the track. Tilt your device like a steering wheel if playing on mobile.
  • A free Ska-ish song by good old Kevin MacLeod. Why Ska? The 90s! That's why.
  • The game lasts 1 minute exactly by design. You have 1 minute. It is awesome. And then perhaps another minute, and another…

This game is an entry in Ludum Dare 34 (December 2015), a 3-day game jam with the themes Growing and 2-button controls.

This is a scaled down version (960x540) to fit on the itch.io page, you can also try the original version at 1136x640 (mobile-enabled page)

A moderate 3D chip is likely required, not because the scene is that complex but because WebGL. If you have any trouble, let me know. Tested on many browsers on Mac, Windows and Linux and on iOS and Android phones.

This game uses purchased and freely available assets from 3rd parties, read the acknowledgements and credits page for more info.

Release date Dec 13, 2015
GenreSimulation, Racing
Tags3D, Ludum Dare 34, webgl
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Accelerometer
LinksHomepage, Ludum Dare Page

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